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Jane Baron's Academy of Dance is known for its high standards in quality dance training, the state of the art facility, and organized friendly management. Our professional faculty and staff are dedicated to helping you make your dance class the highlight of your week!

Please review our Student Handbook and contact us with any questions or concerns at [email protected]. We value your opinions and are constantly looking for ways to improve our service.

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Tuition & Discounts

  • The school year will consist of (35) thirty-five weekly class sessions from September to June.
  • Monthly tuition is based on the average of 4 classes per month.
  • Some months have as fewer due to holidays and others have as many as (5) five.
  • You are not paying for scheduled school vacations and holidays. Our calendar is based on the Spring-Ford School District, others may vary. Make-ups are allowed.
  • Payments are billed on the (1st) first of each month, auto-billing is mandatory but a student can start a new class or end another at any time.
  • Monthly payments scheduled for 1th of month (except Sept—approx. the 15th)
  • Yearly payment scheduled for September Only For Discount
  • Annual Payments w/discount are non – refundable

Registration Fee

  • There is a $25.00 per student non-refundable annual registration fee, which covers the entire school year September-August.

Monthly Tuition

1st 1-hour class per week $72 per month
2nd 1-hour class per week $68 additional per month
3rd 1-hour class per week $64 additional per month
4th 1-hour class per week $60 additional per month
5th 1-hour class per week $56 additional per month
6th 1-hour class per week $52 additional per month
7th 1-hour class per week $48 additional per month
8th 1-hour class per week $44 additional per month
9th 1-hour class per week $40 additional per month
10th 1-hour class per week $36 additional per month

Coupled families together—ex. Child one takes 3 classes and child two takes 2 classes—5 class family

Private Lessons

Solo $350 card
Duo $400 card
Trio $450 card
  • If additional hours are needed after the original 4 hours, you may purchase additional hours as needed.
  • As space & time is available and set up with individual teachers and you must buy a private lessons card
  • 4 - 1 hour lessons

Costume Fees

Tots/Preschool/Kindergarten $80
Ages 6-11 $90
Ages 12-Adult $95

Studio Policies

  • Registration fees are non-refundable.
  • Credit will not be given for missed classes due to illness, snow days, or personal commitments. You are welcome to make-up any class missed.
  • Jane Baron's Academy of Dance reserves the right to cancel any class with insufficient registration and a full refund will be given.
  • When student sustains an injury that does not permit them to participate over an extended period of time a credit or refund will be issued.
  • If a very young student is not ready to participate in a class after several visits, a refund of tuition will be given.
  • The studio calendar year runs from September-June.
  • All communication is sent via email; please keep a current address on file in the office!
  • The school year will consist of 35 weeks of classes held over a ten-month period.
  • A student may join at any time from September through January if there is space available.
  • The studio will be closed for major holidays and school vacations – see our monthly calendar.

Payments & Balances

  • Payments are made electronically through a monthly or yearly withdrawal from a checking account or credit card.
  • You WILL NOT be receiving a statement from our office for your monthly tuition. You may check your account online at any time.
  • Any account unpaid after the (15th) fifteenth of the month will have late charges assessed for 10% of the total monthly tuition.
  • If at any time you would like a printed statement of your account you may request one.
  • Ovedue Balances Only: A statement will be mailed and/or emailed for amount due with late charges assessed.
  • Any student with an overdue balance of more than 60 days will not be allowed into class until payment in full is received or payment arrangements have been made.
  • If for any reason you decide to discontinue your classes, you are not obligated to pay for the balance of the school year, however you will be responsible for any balance due.
  • There will be a $10 fee for bounced or returned transactions.
  • If dropping a class we need to know by the 21st of the month.  If you do not you will be charged the following month.

Missed Classes

  • Students may make up any classes missed in the same genre and relatively same skill level within the current dance year. Please call the Office to set up a make-up class.
  • Credit will not be given for missed classes due to illness, snow days or personal vacations.

Concert Information

  • Our annual concert will be held on Friday and Saturday of Father’s Day Weekend at Pope John Paul High School, Royersford, PA.
  • Participation is strongly encouraged.
  • Recital sign-up and costume ordering for the end of year recital takes place starting November 15th. No refunds will be issued after that date. If you do not wish to participate in the recital, please let the studio know in writing before November 15th.

Snow Cancellations

  • We will hold classes except under dangerous driving conditions, please use discretion.
  • Studio closings will also be posted on our website, Facebook and when possible, you will receive an email.
  •  If JBAD cancels a class, students will be responsible for arranging their own make-up classes at a time that is convenient for them.
  • No credit will be given for snow cancellations; however, students are always welcome to take make-up classes for any missed class at their regular times.

Dress Code

  • Our dress code is designed to ensure each student’s comfort, safety, and uniformity so that their teacher can give proper guidance.
  • HAIR: Long hair must be tied back in a ponytail for all classes and in a bun for classical ballet. Great news for students of JBAD, we always have hair elastics available in our office and in each studio if you forget yours!
  • NO JEWELRY, COSTUMES or PLAY CLOTHES: Remember loose or dangling jewelry and costumes other than proper dance skirts are a safety hazard and distraction for dancers and are not allowed. Jeans, jean shorts, play clothes, or school clothes are not suitable dance attire.
  • TIGHTS are required in all classes, unless noted otherwise.

For more information about the dress code for each class, please visit our Classes section of the website and you can view the attire along with descriptions of each class your child is enrolled in.

Student Handbook

Classroom Etiquette

  • Dancers are suggested to use the bathroom before class.
  • Dancers are invited to bring a water bottle into class.
  • Dancers should treat their teachers and classmates with kindness and respect.

Attendance Policy

  • Attendance is very important at every age and ability level.
  • Make every effort to attend all classes.

Dancer Safety

  • We request that dancers wait inside for all rides and pick-up.
  • Please practice extreme caution when going to and from cars and wear proper attire.
  • Dancers taking multiple classes on any given day are requested to travel within the studio and not outside unattended.


  • Any dancer with an injury is encouraged to observe class in order not to fall behind with material.
  • Dancers should inform their instructors of any recent illness, injury or other medical conditions that may affect stamina or performance.
  • All injuries sustained while at JBAD must be reported and documented by filling out an injury report which is available in the office.

Contact Info:

Limerick Studio:

  • 292 West Ridge Pike Building C, Suite 201 Limerick, PA 19468

Spring Valley YMCA:

  • 19 W Linfield Rd. Royersford, PA 19468
Monday 4pm-10pm
Tuesday & Wednesday 9am-12pm
Thursday 9am-12pm
Friday 4pm-8pm
Saturday 9am-1pm

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